Prodexpo is special for all who have worked in the FMCG sphere since the early 2000s. It is like the final of an annual sporting competition, only it lasts for a whole working week, from Monday to Friday. Or a large fair
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For us this was our first public appearance with the brand portfolio we have developed. Until February all our bottles, labels and creative concepts were discussed in a narrow circle of employees, designers and researchers, and we also distilled in a narrow circle. At Prodexpo, we received our first evaluations from the professionals — the owners and managers of distribution companies, as well as our colleagues in the distilling business.
The secret ingredients of our success at Prodexpo were our stand, our promotional activity and an open bar for guests.

We developed our stand with the company Privet Media and based it on a brilliant idea by our secret creative consultant. The idea was to create two levels in one: from afar you see a single company construction, up close you see different
brand zones.

Promotional support was provided by Mikhail Danilin and the company Kei.

At the Prodexpo tasting competition Provodnitsa received a gold medal.

Conclusion — Prodexpo remains a working instrument for the presentation of new releases, and we are also planning
to participate in 2018.

River House Business Center, Ul. Akademika Pavlova 5, Building B, St. Petersburg 197022, RUSSIA
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