Kontora, Olenevodka with reindeer moss and Provodnitsa with black tea

Alcoholic beverages from the Premium Spirits range have carried off a gold and two silver awards in the Best Vodka 2017 international competition. A new player on the Russian market, the company has acquired the rights to the Flagman brand, and its new brands Kontora, Olenevodka and Provodnitsa have been recognized at the prestigious industry review
The Best Vodka international tasting competition is today the largest event in the industry in Europe and this
year was the 10th time the event has been held. Participants in the competition include representatives from almost every region in Russia, as well as producers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Germany and the U.S. The competition was organized by the MAСRO event agency and the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Alimentary Biotechnology, a subsidiary of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology
and Food Safety.
The best drinks in the competition were chosen via a process of "blind tasting": all the samples were assessed by an expert committee, whose conclusions were in turn checked by a supervisory council. The 2017 commission included leading tasters from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and the council was made up of representatives drawn from the participants and journalists reporting on the competition, as is traditional. The awards were given according to the number of points scored
by a product: for a gold medal in the mainstream segment a sample needed to have a score of no less than 9.65, while in the superpremium category a minimum of 9.75 was required.

The vodka Kontora, part of the Premium Spirits range, scored enough points after tasting to push it past the "golden threshold" in the sub-premium segment. The vodka is bottled in the Leningrad Region at the the company's Kingisepp vodka plant, which previously belonged to the Veda holding.
The capacity of the production unit in Kingisepp allows up to 20 million bottles to be produced per month: around 12 million decaliters annually. This is also where the Kontora vodka is produced.
It is made from Lux-class alcohol, with the use of green tea flavored alcohol and fresh lemon-infused alcohol, with the addition of sugar syrup.

There is another Premium Spirits newcomer in the mid-price segment — Olenevodka was awarded
a silver medal. This 40-percent vodka is available in two kinds — with the addition of reindeer moss-infused alcohol and with fruit infusions and alcohol flavored with northern berries.

Premium Spirits added another silver medal to its haul with the vodka Provodnitsa, which fought for the title of best in the mainstream segment. Provodnitsa has already won a gold medal at the Prodexpo 2017 tasting competition. It contains Lux alcohol, sugar, raisin-infused alcohol, lemon, and black tea flavored alcohol.

"The products presented at the competition this year were of a very high quality, especially the spirits," said the deputy chairman of the tasting commission Irina Abramova, head of the Department of Technology and Control of the Production of Alcoholic Beverages at VNII PBT, a subsidiary of FGBUN FITs Food and Biotechnologies. According to tradition, the competition medallists have been given a special place in Moscow's Museum of the History of Vodka at the Izmailovsky Kremlin, where they will be on display for a whole year.

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